The Basics of IV Treatment

The Basics of IV Treatment

When you want to live your healthiest life, there are many steps you can take. Exercise, diet, and stress management can help, but they may not be enough. You need to discover the benefits of intravenous, or IV treatment. Dr. Rolando Alvarez M.D., M.S. at PharmXhealthOne is an age-management specialist and nuclear medicine physician offering a wide range of medical and wellness services, including IV therapy. He has two convenient office locations in Boynton Beach, and Palm Beach, FL, to help you enjoy optimal health.

What You Need to Know About IV Treatment

So, what’s so special about IV treatment? The truth is, that IV treatment is a delivery system offering amazing benefits. Consider that IV treatment:

  • Provides almost instant benefits, because nutrients and vitamins go directly into the bloodstream through a vein
  • Is more efficiently absorbed than pills or supplements, because it bypasses the digestive system
  • Is convenient, because treatment requires no downtime, so you can get back to your day
  • Is versatile, because treatment can provide a boost to the immune system, anti-aging benefits, hydration, and more

IV treatment is a great option if you want to:

  • Recover from an illness
  • Perform better when playing a sport
  • Rehabilitate after an injury
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Deal with the effects of stress

There are several IV treatments available. At PharmXhealthOne you can choose from:

  • Hydro-Max IV treatment
  • Energy Boost IV treatment
  • Recover From Last Night IV treatment
  • Immune Boost IV treatment
  • Stomach Flu IV treatment
  • Myers Cocktail IV treatment
  • Recovery IV treatment
  • Beauty IV treatment
  • Weight Management IV treatment
  • Ultra-Vie IV treatment
  • Total Body Wellness IV treatment
  • Restore Cellular Balance IV treatment
  • NAD+Boost IV treatment
  • NAD+Boost regenerative cell therapy IV treatment

To read more detailed information about each of the IV treatments, including their ingredients and benefits, please visit the IV Treatment page on the website by clicking here.

When you choose IV treatment from Pharmxhealthone, your customized solution is delivered to your location and administered by clinically trained medical professionals.

Want To Know More?

To find out more about the benefits of IV treatment, call age-management specialist and nuclear medicine physician, Dr. Rolando Alvarez M.D., M.S. at PharmXhealthOne. You can reach him in Boynton Beach, FL, by calling (561) 847-4654, or in Palm Beach, FL, by calling (561) 202-8427, so call today.

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