What To Know About IV Treatment

Are you feeling sluggish and unwell? Do you wish you had more energy? Are you recovering from a health concern? These are all reasons to consider IV treatment, a quick, effective option to get you back on your feet. Dr. Rolando Alvarez M.D., M.S.-Age Management Medicine Specialist/Nuclear Medicine Physician at PharmXhealthOne provides a full range of medical services and treatments, including IV therapy. He has two convenient office locations in Boynton Beach, and Palm Beach, FL.

How IV Treatment Can Help You

IV treatment is intravenous, delivering nutrients, vitamins, fluids, and other substances directly into your bloodstream. IV treatment bypasses your digestive system, so you process vital nutrients quicker and more effectively.

You should consider IV treatment if you need:

  • A boost to your immune system due to an illness or injury
  • Increased hydration after a workout or activity
  • An alternative to swallowing tablets or oral supplements
  • Increased energy to help with stress and increased workload
  • To look and feel your best for an important event
  • Nutrient supplementation for weight management

There are several IV treatments available. At PharmXhealthOne you can choose from:

  • Hydro-Max IV treatment
  • Energy Boost IV treatment
  • Recover From Last Night IV treatment
  • Immune Boost IV treatment
  • Stomach Flu IV treatment
  • Myers Cocktail IV treatment
  • Recovery IV treatment
  • Beauty IV treatment
  • Weight Management IV treatment
  • Ultra-Vie IV treatment
  • Total Body Wellness IV treatment
  • Restore Cellular Balance IV treatment
  • NAD+Boost IV treatment
  • NAD+Boost regenerative cell therapy IV treatment

To read more detailed information about each of the IV treatments, including their ingredients and benefits, please visit the IV Treatment page on the website by clicking here.

Want To Know More?

To discover more about IV treatment and how it can help you, call Dr. Rolando Alvarez M.D., M.S.-Age Management Medicine Specialist/Nuclear Medicine Physician at PharmXhealthOne. You can reach him in Boynton Beach, FL, by calling (561) 847-4654, or in Palm Beach, FL, by calling (561) 202-8427, so call today. Or you can schedule your appointment with Dr. Alvarez online at www.pharmxhealthone.com.

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