What is Brain View Testing?

BrainView® testing is an advanced system that opens a window into your brain to identify the underlying causes behind seizures, cognitive impairment, and other neurological conditions. This noninvasive test is pain-free and provides a roadmap for improving your brain health.

At PharmXhealthOne, age management medicine physician Rolando Alvarez, MD, offers a full spectrum of services to keep you well throughout all phases of life. Dr. Alvarez uses the latest in age management medicine to prevent and treat age-related conditions and optimize your health. In this post, he explains how BrainView testing works to assess brain health.

The challenges of understanding cognitive issues

Stress, head injuries, sleep disorders, and even chronic pain can cause cognitive impairment. Until recently, objective tests to accurately assess cognitive impairment have been lacking.

Even more challenging, cognitive symptoms can occur at any age, and many symptoms — such as brain fog — can be difficult to analyze or attribute causes to. Furthermore, cognitive impairment is commonly misdiagnosed, which can delay appropriate treatment and cause unnecessary stress.

However, BrainView testing has been a game-changer when it comes to understanding cognitive issues.

The basics of BrainView testing

The BrainView system consists of advanced hardware and software that measures cognitive functioning using electroencephalography (EEG), electrocardiogram (ECG), and visual and auditory processing.

The assessment also involves completing a neuropsychological survey, which aids in diagnosis. You can think of the BrainView system as a test for the brain. Each test is broken into an easy-to-understand report that provides images and data, including biomarkers for brain health.

This provides a neurological function profile that Dr. Alvarez can use to guide treatment.

The benefits of BrainView testing

The BrainView system allows Dr. Alvarez to assess cognitive issues quickly and accurately in the office. And, early and accurate detection means early intervention for better cognitive outcomes.

If you've injured your head or have symptoms you think may be related to your brain, BrainView testing can help identify the cause and provide a guide for treatment. However, even if you haven't injured your head and think you don't have brain-related issues, BrainView testing may still be able to help you. 

A decline in cognitive functioning is often a process that happens gradually over decades, making early detection beneficial. In fact, cognitive testing as early as age 45 can make a major difference. BrainView testing can help assess potential issues years before the onset of symptoms and aid in a prompt diagnosis.

Among other things, BrainView testing can also help do the following:

  • Aid in biofeedback treatment
  • Detect concussions early
  • Detect memory decline early
  • Identify the root causes of memory loss
  • Detect head injuries not visible on CT or MRI scans
  • Improve understanding of ADHD for better treatment

To learn more about BrainView testing, book an appointment online or over the phone with PharmXhealthOne today.

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