10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are a time when family and friends come together to reflect, create memories, and enjoy each other's company. However, indulgent feasts usually come with the territory. Because many people relax their eating habits during this time, the scale commonly rises as a result.

Holiday eating often accounts for modest weight gains. And while five pounds may not seem like much, year after year that weight can become more and more difficult to take off.

In this blog, the health professionals PharmXhealthOne in Wellington, Boynton Beach and Port Saint Lucie, Florida, provide 10 sure-fire tips to keep off the weight this holiday season.

1. Keep moving

Finding the time to go to the gym or otherwise stay active during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season may seem impossible, but doing so will help you stave off weight gain. It's important to prioritize physical activity even during the holidays. This may mean breaking up your activity into smaller segments.

The wellness experts here at PharmXHealthOne can help you stay fit this holiday season with customized fitness plans to meet your needs and goals.

2. Keep track of your weight

Keeping track of your weight before and during the holidays can go a long way in managing your weight and combating holiday weight gain. The saying “out of sight out of mind” is relevant here. You can't manage what you don't measure.

Prepare for the holidays by regularly tracking your weight before the holiday season starts. At the PharmXHealthOne wellness center, we offer medically supervised weight management plans to keep you on track even during the holidays.

3. Don't go hungry

Many people save their appetite for holiday gatherings. This approach can lead to overindulging and contribute to holiday weight gain. Instead, fill up on a healthy snack before heading out to holiday gatherings. Doing so will help you avoid overeating and reduce the risk of packing on pounds during the holidays.

4. Keep an eye on portions

It can be easy to heap your plate full of food during the holidays without giving it a second thought. A lack of portion control may result in tipping the scales over the holidays. If you eat healthy portions during the rest of the year, just stick with the same amount during the holidays.

5. Choose beverages wisely

What you choose to drink during the holidays can make a big difference in the amount of calories you consume. It's not uncommon for holiday beverages — especially those that contain alcohol — to have 800 calories per serving. Even a seemingly harmless eggnog can contain upwards of 500 calories and 20-30 grams of fat. Aim for lower-calorie beverages, such as apple cider and fruit spritzers.

6. Load up on veggies

Loading vegetables onto your plate during the holidays is an excellent way to avoid consuming excess calories. Baked and grilled vegetables are very tasty, and they're also naturally low in calories, sodium, fat, and sugar. Furthermore, the fiber in vegetables may help you feel fuller sooner.

7. Practice mindfulness

Remaining present and purposeful during the holidays can help you avoid overindulging. Reaching for sweets and munching on holiday food throughout the day without thinking about it can add up at the end of the day. Be mindful of what you're eating and when you're eating. Instead of freely grazing all day, stick to set meal times during the holidays.

8. Strike a balance

It's important to have realistic expectations when it comes to the holidays, but it's equally necessary to find balance. Decide which sweets you'll indulge in instead of trying a bit of everything. Perhaps you really enjoy holiday pies. Aim to have a portion-controlled slice and avoid indulging in every sweet treat available.

9. Plan ahead

Having a holiday survival plan is essential to maintaining healthy eating habits while enjoying the holidays. Create a plan ahead of time outlining the meals you plan to have during the holidays. Once you examine your meal plan, you can make adjustments to stay on track. This may mean adjusting to smaller portion sizes, adding more vegetables, or carrying healthy snacks with you.

10. Shift your focus

While meals often take center stage during the holidays, you can reduce how much you eat by shifting your focus away from the food and onto those around you. Spending quality time with loved ones, enjoying stimulating conversation, and engaging with those around you is a good way to switch gears.

Don't let the holidays weigh you down. To learn about our comprehensive nutrition, fitness, and weight loss programs, book an appointment online or over the phone with PharmXhealthOne today.

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